Poems by Mary Ferguson



The rising wind his power shows
When in angry mood he blows
Moaning, sighing like the roar
Of maddened sea on stormy shore
Wind, why so fierce art thou?
Why so great thy fury now?
The rising tempo of thy wail
Makes the fragile moon turn pale.
All things turn from thee in fear
When they feel thy presence near.
One thing I would gladly know -
When thine anger does no longer blow,
When thy crescendo loses power,
At the lonely midnight hour,
When comes thy diminuendo
Whither dost thou go?


For you my love is brightly burning.
For you my love will always be a flame.
All through the lonely hours my heart is yearning,
When whispering echoes softly call your name.

You left me for another's clinging arms.
From someone else you sought a tender kiss.
Was it right you should break my trusting heart,
When we had shared a perfect love like this?

Now you are gone, life has lost its meaning.
Extinguished is love's bright and shining flame.
Though fate may part us now forever,
Whispering echoes still will call your name.

In memory of Frances' and Alan's cat-
accidentally killed.


For you this day tolls the passing bell.
Goodbye, dear friend - sleep well.
No sound shall wake your quiet peace,
But thoughts of you will never cease.
Although to you farewell is said,
We do not think of you as dead.
We shall remember all our days
Your sharpened claws and winning ways


Poem written at Abbottsford House-
the home of Sir Walter Scott.

Your spirit lives on, dear brother poet.
I feel your presence in the wind,
Lingering in the flowers and trees,
The legacy you left behind.
I see you in the woodland green,
Where once you walked in Spring's bright day.
The river breathes your very name,
As it meanders on its merry way.
Abbotsford, home of love and peace,
Looking toward the Eildon Hills,
Where tales were told of old romance,
And sunlight kissed the streams and rills.

Walter Scott, how great your name,
Crowned with your undying flame!

Tristan Isolde

Love is the most powerful gift.
I never knew how true,
Until I met and lost my heart
To someone wonderful like you.
You held me there so tenderly,
I walked upon cloud nine,
When those lovely words you whispered,
"Will you be forever mine?"

Love is the most powerful feeling,
Call it what you will.
Through storm, cloud and sunshine,
I will love you still.
We shall always be together,
Walking side by side.
No man shall put us asunder -
Death alone shall us divide.


"I'll mend it tomorrow," my husband said,
When the washing machine broke down.
He swore by the gods to keep his word,
On his return from town.
He had business to do, he said,
With his best pal, Harry McFee,
So the washing machine would have to wait.
The business had priority.

Tomorrow came, but no mention of
The broken washing machine,
Until I mentioned it, then he said
"I'll mend it tomorrow, Eileen,
After I've visited the fellow next door.
We are trying out his brand new car.
Then we might have a pint or two."
How unhelpful some husbands are!

Of all the tomorrows that came and went,
He always had an excuse
Not to mend the broken machine,
'Till I said to myself "what's the use?
It will come back on him, sure as fate.
Soon he is going to rue it -
Not keeping his promise to mend the machine,
Because he's too lazy to do it!"

"Why haven't I got a clean shirt?" he roared,
"Woman, have you been shirking?"
"No", I replied, "don't you remember dear?
The washing machine's not working!
For your unwashed shirt I'm not to blame
Blame your tomorrow which never came!"


The moon was gently beaming love
As I rode across the moor
And I was fondly dreaming love
As oft I have dreamt before
Oh! Golden were the hours then
When you were by my side
Now your ghost comes with me love
Across the moor to ride

As I cross the purple heather love
With my dreams of yesterday
I see your long dark hair my love
Crowned with the flowers of May
I see your smiling face my love
With pain it fills my heart
It reminds of that autumn day
When we two had to part

When came the parting of the ways
Fast flowed the bitter tears
The memory will linger dear heart
Through the lonely years
As I ride across the moor my love
Beneath the summer sky
I know that through the lonely night
Love's flame will never die

Written by Loch Lomond whilst on a tour of Scotland

Loch Lomond

Lomond water flowing free
With wavelets dancing merrily
Surrounded by woodland trees
Swaying gently in the breeze
Lomond water shining bright
Kissed by moon's silver light
Timeless journey never ceasing
Lovely music sound increasing
Rippling on receptive ear
Lomond water loud and clear
I could forever spend my days
By your enchanting banks and braes


In life we walk upon a stage
Each to play a part
We do not have to learn a script
Words come straight from the heart
Ours is a part we daily play
No prompting do we need
The very acts that we perform
Reflect each word and deed

We cannot know whether our chosen part
May be long or short
We only know the acts are there
To play them as we ought
When the final curtain falls
And we our exits make
We realise we have chosen
The way our souls will take


There are years I would not live again,
Years that brought me so much pain,
Years that I would best forget.
Why do memories haunt me yet?
If only I could live once more
The carefree days I knew of yore.
Those lovely, lovely happy years,
Touched with laughter, unknown to tears.
Why is it when we are young
Our happiness goes by unsung?
Why is it when life hastens on
We sigh for the things we might have done?
Why, when in life's old age,
Do we make a silent pilgrimage,
But why do we never find
Those lovely things we left behind.


The smiling fields of England
How beautiful to me
When the sun has kissed the hedgerows
And stirred the busy bee
My heart is filled with gladness
When I see these sights
Of the friendly singing blackbird
Soaring in his flight
I thank the Lord above me
However short life may be
All things bright and beautiful
Are there for all to see


We said goodbye on a summer's day,
Amid the scent of flowers and new-mown hay.
Each knew the moment had come to part.
Knowing it meant a broken heart.
"Goodbye my love", the words so spoken,
"Just one kiss", love's last token.
Who would have thought fate could deceive
And play a game of make-believe?
The laughing Gods knew not the plight
Of burning love's extinguished light.
"Goodbye my love", through falling tears
I'll whisper your name in the after years.


Dear are the friends who stand the test,
Who never pause to question why,
Who give us their faith and trust
That gold or silver cannot buy.
Dear is the friend whose virtue proves
He is neither false nor vain,
Who leads over the broken ground
To where the grass grows green again.
Strengthened then is friendship's clasp,
Where all its beauty shall be known,
And when its harvest yields its love,
Those friends may reap where they have sown.


I love to walk by a singing river
On a sunny summer day
Or wander by a meadow green
And watch the lambs at play
I love to sit in a country park
Gazing with joy upon the scene
Seeing beauty all around me
Where the touch of God hath been

I love to feel the playful breeze
Dancing through the leaves
Or watch the swallows build their nests
Beneath the cottage eaves
To wander through a garden fair
To smell the fragrant flowers
With silence all around me
Lost, in blissful hours

After a day of stress and strain
The most pleasant thing I find
Is sitting down to read a book
And let myself unwind
These are the pleasures of my life
Most beneficial unto me
Through this I fully realise
The best things in life are free

Cat in Car

Once upon a summer night
Two little mice went out to dine
Promising their mother faithfully
They would be home by nine
"Be careful, children", she told them both
"After the sun goes down
I've heard a black cat with a car
Has been lurking round the town"

She kissed her children tenderly
As they started off that night
Each dressed in their Sunday best
Their faces shining bright
Hardly had they gone a mile
When something large and fat
Pulled up beside them in a car
It was the lurking cat!

"Good evening, mice", he kindly said
"If you are travelling far
Your little legs must be tired
So please step into my car"
The little mice were very pleased
With his manner so debonair
Saying they would like that very much
It was kind of him to care

They stepped into the motor car
At ease he made them feel
As he gave them both a lollipop
Then, smiling, took the wheel
Now he drove them at great speed
To a place most dark and drear
Then, came a look upon his face
Which filled those mice with fear

All night their mother waited
For those children, but in vain
Many tears she shed for them
But they never came home again
There is a moral to this tale
On which you will agree
To accept a lift in a stranger's car
Will lead to tragedy

Dalby Woods

How beautiful in Dalby Woods
Where the trees so stately stand
So tall they reach the very sky
Guardians of this stately land
Long years they have stoutly stood
Majestic and sublime
And will do many more
Before the end of time

Oft have I played in Dalby Woods
In childhood's sweet and golden hours
And felt the kiss of the gentle breeze
That stirred the dancing flowers.
Dalby Woods are fresh and bright
And all within is green
A poet is always happy when
He views such a sylvan scene

Dalby Woods bring memories back
Of happy days gone by
When the nightingale sang in the trees,
And the squirrels played close by
God sent the birds to sing
That is why He gave them voice
For they with sadness in their hearts
Might hear them and rejoice

Could I be the gentle starlight
On Dalby's beauty I would shine
My silver light would shine upon her
Then what happiness would be mine
Oh could I see those woods again
In all their beauty crowned
Joy I know would all be mine
In happiness profound


The last raven preened himself
Upon the leafless bough
Surveying with his critical eye
Man's nuclear disaster
What a waste! His words fell
On lifeless desert
No one heard him, there were only
The charred bodies that once were men
They could not agree with him
How could they? They were beyond knowing
Speaking like an orator, he took in the scene considering himself lucky to have escaped
The atomic warfare
"England's green and pleasant land
Fit for birds to fly about in now wiped out"
He spoke these words with sadness
Because he knew that all feathered life was gone
Only he was left
How quiet the world was now
What a state of things
Why did all the houses have to be reduced to rubble?
The raven must have studied mankind to fathom all this out
Speaking once more to the dead land
He said, "Man as ever has been destructive
He has killed his brother man with sword, spear and gun, now he has killed the world
What a state of affairs"
Moving from one leg to the other
Saying to himself
"What was God thinking of to let this happen?"
Across the blackened air came the reply
"This was Man's doing, not mine
I had no say in the matter
You, the last raven, the last living thing
On Earth have just witnessed
God's greatest failure -
To save Man from himself
I, who was the Creator
Of all things great and small
Am a failure!"
And in this knowledge, God wept.


If only I had listened
To the voice of reason
Telling me to refrain from accepting drugs
I might never have left the straight and narrow path
In a moment of folly
I joined the party attending the all-night rave
I thought it might be different
But, I might have known
Some "offbeat"would be there
The tempters round me stood
Smiles on their faces
Words of treachery on their lips
"Have some of this" they said
Handing me the dope and saying
"You will walk on cloud nine
Your problems will fade away
Of course they lied. No problem
Disappears with the swallowing of a drug
They come back a thousand-fold
In fact, they return
On wings of ecstasy
To torment the fool who believed
It was easy to dismiss them
I should have known this could not be so
They stood around me in a circle
Like the Devil"s advocates
Pointing the way to certain doom
Holding out my hand in my weakness
To grasp the dope, I knew I was lost
I did not know myself anymore
My head felt fit to burst
Then came the glass of whisky
"Drink this" they said, "It will steady your nerves"
For me it was one more step to degradation and the end
Faces became blurred
I was floating into an abyss
"Help me" I implored. I clawed the empty air
My words were soundless
Finding no substance to cling, I cursed my fate
"Oh fool of a thousand regrets of madness possessed"
One moment showed me the dark road to hell
"All hope abandon" screamed the voice
As the wrought iron gate
Opened and closed upon me
There was no turning back
My fate was sealed
I am now one more in the legion of the lost!


As I walked through Longton Park
One lovely autumn day
I saw a busy squirrel
Engaged in merry play
Up and down the autumn tree
The little fellow ran
Calling as he passed by me
“Catch me if you can”

Oh, what a jolly game he played
As he raced up and down the tree
I thought I heard him say
“Come my friend and follow me”
Ah! could I have joined him in
His merry games and fun
What a tale I would have to tell
When that autumn day was done

Alas, I must say farewell
To my friend of the autumn tree
I thanked him for all the joy
He had that day given me
I thought I saw a glistening tear
Stand in his little eye
As he, that lovely autumn day
Whispered his own goodbye


I think that I shall never see
The millionaire designed for me.
The man who sends me roses red
And a silver tiara for my head!
Who waits on the telephone for me to say
"Is your cheque book handy, dear, today?
I need a diamond ring, I fear.
I know you will buy me it, my dear."
The man who takes my nagging every day
And takes notice of what I say
The man who will always smile
When other men I seek to beguile
When I embark on a wild affair
The man who would say"I don't care
Do as you like my honey bee
But remember you belong to me"
If I could find a man like that
Stone the crows, I would eat my hat!


A time to remember
Childhood's days of yore,
I would relive those golden hours
Though they come again no more.
Then take me back
To where the trees are green,
And the flowers shed their fragrance
On that unforgotten scene.


When we were young,
The whole world smiled.
We laughed and sang,
We were beguiled.
We lived each moment of the day.
If we had cares, they did not show.
We danced each night to low guitars,
In the lovely not so long ago.
Ours was a love that would not die,
Or so we thought until that day.
There came to you another love,
And stole your loving heart away


To Tracie-Caroline Stephenson (In Farewell)

God walked in his garden one evening,
just as the twilight fell.
He was looking at all of his flowers,
the ones he loved so well.
His gardener walked towards him, in his hand a flower so divine.
He said "I give this into your keeping, dear Lord, for tonight it is now thine".
The Lord smiled, in his pleasure
as he held that precious flower,
and the night was filled with music,
in that quiet evening hour.
"Tracie-Caroline, I have called you
to bloom in my garden so fair.
For you, alone are a blossom
with beauty, distinguished and rare."
The stars will lend their radiance.
On Tracie will fall their bright light.
Many angels will walk beside her
guiding her through the darkest night.
She will take the wings of the morning
to where suffering and pain are no more.
To abide in God's love forever-
a vast eternal shore.

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