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Last additions - Hull
The Empress Pub356 viewsMar 11, 2018
Andrew Marvell Statue372 viewsAndrew Marvell 1621 – 1678 was a poet and satirist, colleague and friend of John Milton and MP for Hull. He had a reputation for resisting corruption.Mar 11, 2018
Maritime Museum379 viewsAbove the entrance.Mar 11, 2018
One of the Larkin Toads344 viewsOne of many painted toads made to celebrate the work of Philip Larkin, who wrote a famous poem that likened work to a toad.Feb 26, 2018
Britain's Smallest Window?316 viewsA tiny window at the George Hotel on the Land of Green Ginger street. This was used as a spy-hole when the pub was a coaching inn.Feb 26, 2018
Reflections318 viewsReflection of Hull Minster in the windows of the building over the road.Feb 26, 2018
Queen Vic320 viewsApparently still not amused, Queen Victoria resides in the town centre square named after her.Feb 26, 2018
Poppies333 viewsPoppy display to commemorate the fallen of the 1st World War.Feb 26, 2018
Rudston Mosaic329 viewsOne of the mosaic floors from the Rudston Villa, now in the Hull and East Riding Museum.Feb 26, 2018
Hull Minster330 viewsSouth side of the parish church, which is now designated a minster.Feb 26, 2018
Inside the Minster325 viewsThe nave and east window of the Minster.Feb 26, 2018
Hepworth's Arcade322 viewsFinished in 1897, this has fine Victorian architecture. One of the first Marks and Spencers shops was here.Feb 26, 2018
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