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I have specialised in finding old history books of my local area and where they are out of print and copyright, I have reformatted several and had them reprinted. This page has links to online versions of many local history sources and also to reprints of those I have processed. Click on the image for a bigger picture of the cover or title page.

Yorkshire in general and York in particular

In 1855, J. J. Sheahan and T. Whellan wrote "The History and Topography of the city of York, the Ainsty Wapentake and the East Riding of Yorkshire, embracing a general review of the early history of Great Britain, and a general history and description of the county of York." A big title for a big book. Volume I relates general history as it had affected Yorkshire and then concentrates on York and its surroundings.

Link to a pdf scan of the original
Link to my reprint in A4 format


East Yorkshire

Volume II of the above work describes all the East Yorkshire towns and villages, with big sections devoted to Hull and Beverley.

There was an error in the scan of the original, now corrected. Unfortunately, I copied it to my reprint. Later issues will have the correction. For those already issued: Page 290, Line 2: "1663" should read "1633".

Link to a pdf scan of the original
Link to my reprint in A4 format of an1867 edition

East Yorkshire

"The Story of the East Riding of Yorkshire" by Horace B. Browne, M.A., with one hundred and seventy illustrations, 1912

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East Yorkshire

Oxford County Histories Series: "The East Riding of Yorkshire", By J. L. Brockbank, M.A., 1913

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East Yorkshire

Folk Lore of East Yorkshire, By John Nicholson, 1890

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Link to my reprint in 9x6 format
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In 1736, Francis Drake (no, not that one, another Francis Drake; 1696–1771) wrote "Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities of the City of York"

Link to a pdf scan of the original.


"Beverlac" by George Poulson, compiled and published by George Scaum in two volumes in 1829. Full title: "Beverlac, or the Antiquities and History of the Town of Beverley, in the County of York: and of the Provostry and Collegiate Establishment of St. Johns: with a Minute Description of the Present Minster and the Church of St. Mary and Other Ancient and Modern Edifices"

Link to pdf scans of the original; Part I Part II


"Beverley Minster, an illustrated account of its history and fabric by Charles Hiatt", 1898.

Link to a pdf scan of the original

Link to my A5 reprint



The Rev. John Tickell wrote his history of Hull in 1796. His full description was "The History of the Town and County of Kingston Upon Hull: From Its Foundation in the Reign of Edward the First to the Present Time, with a Description of Part of the Adjacent Country, Embellished with Engraved Views of Public Buildings, an Ancient and Modern Plan of the Town and Several Antiquities"

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The Rev. Marmaduke Prickett wrote "An Historical and Architectural Description of the Priory Church of Bridlington, in the East Riding of the County of York" in 1831. He revised and republished the book as "History of the Priory Church of Bridlington, in the East Riding of the County of York" in 1836. It has a big appendix section with original sources of information.

Link to a pdf scan of the original 1836 book
Link to a pdf scan of the 1831 book (This one has the list of subscribers.)

Link to my reprint in A4 format of the1836 book. This now has the 1831 extra material reintroduced as an addendum. (More illustrations and subscribers' list.) Better illustrations of former tombs are also introduced.See here and here.

One of the main primary sources for Prickett's book was Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum. Here are the pages about Bridlington. Not easy reading with all those "long s" things ( ſ not f ).



1888 trade directory of Bridlington and surrounding villages. A wealth of information.

Link to a pdf scan of the original

Link to my reprint of the book

Burton Agnes

"Robert Steel, Crimean War Veteran of Burton Agnes" by Linda Ellis. The story of a Burton Agnes man who served during the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny, then returned to his village and worked as a groom. Linda has written several local history books that are available on Amazon.

Yorkshire Coast

"The Brontës by the Sea", including six walks, by Rhonda Petersen. Charlotte and Anne Brontë, the famous novelists, loved the seaside. This illustrated book is an account of their various visits, spanning fourteen years, to Scarborough, Bridlington, Filey and Hornsea on the Yorkshire Coast.

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Other Books


"History of Spanish Literature", originally produced in 1893 by Henry Butler Clarke, an accepted expert in the history and language of Spain.

Link to a pdf scan of the original
Link to my reprint in A4 format
More about Henry Butler Clarke here
Read Clarke's appraisal of Cervantes




In 1899 Rafael Diez de la Cortina published the first edition of his book "Modelos para Cartas" or "Letter Forms".This book was an authoritative work on letter writing in both Spanish and English. Here are extracts from the 26th edition of 1908. Nowadays the book is an excellent insight into the style of both languages as used at that time.
Extracts - English Version
Fragmentos - Versión Española
Link to a pdf scan of all the original 22nd edition
Link to my reprint in A4 format of all the 26th edition




In 1973, I went to South America. This account describes the journey, the dictatorship in Stroessner’s Paraguay and the bureaucracy in Argentina. It continues with my work in the wild parts of Formosa Province on the Paraguayan border and then in the city of Rosario. It relates the way of life in Argentina during the comeback of Juan Perón and the military regime that followed, culminating in the Falklands War.

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