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Here are some Useful links

East Yorkshire Links

iknow-yorkshireis an accommodation directory which lists hotels, B&Bs, cottages and apartments in the Yorkshire region and Bridlington area.

The Yorkshire Guidehas comprehensive cover of all that is interesting in Yorkshire.

East Yorkshire Local History Web SiteMany interesting local history articles.

Bridlington Live


Hull and East Riding Museum

Driffield Web SiteThis has a big list of useful local links.

Paws-A-WhileA place to enjoy the East Riding countryside that lets people take their pets with them.

Driffield navigationThe organisation concerned with the restoration of the Driffield Canal.

"History of Bridlington Priory" by Marmaduke Prickett, written in 1935 -Read or download it from here.

general links:

Here are dedicated organizations who work to better the community through volunteering and health awareness:

Recall Report is the web’s leading resource for information about health and safety recalls, including dangerous drugs and associated mental conditions. With dedicated areas of the website for health conditions and targeted health information.

Mesothelioma Cancer Help Here is a site that offers free services for patients dealing with the cost of treatment.

mesothelioma.net are the web's leading resource for mesothelioma cancer (caused by exposure to asbestos - affecting men, women, children and pets).

A description of the disorders that can be associated with cerebral palsy can be found atthis support page.

consumerdangers.com This site strives to provide a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about everyday products that can potentially cause harm. Over 1.3 million people are injured and nearly 100,000 people die each year due to medication errors.

How to stop smoking. Here are comprehensive guides and tools put together with the help of tobacco control professionals and smoking cessation experts.

Drug Dangerswas developed to educate the public and lend a hand to people who have been affected by defective drugs and medical devices.

The RXDangers siteprovides comprehensive, unbiased information about serious side effects, complications, and interactions of commonly prescribed drugs.

AddictionResource.comraises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free.

The American Society of Addiction Medicinealso promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment.



Dynamic DriveDynamicdrive.comhas a huge collection of free scripts that you can use for all sorts of extra gimmicks on your pages.



Free eBooks: The Ultimate Guideis an extremely useful guide to where you can find free ebooks. A way to find which of your favourite classsics is now out of copyright and in the public domain, and also which modern books are offered free.

Watching the ships go by- Click on an area to magnify the map, and then put your mouse over a ship to see what it is and where it is going.

Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenbergis a massive project that is converting books into on-line resources for download.




The Internet Public Libraryis no longer updated, but still has useful links to world-wide publications.

At FormSwift Lesson Plans Hub,you can easily create and customize a free lesson plan for a math, science and language arts class. Lesson plan templates help teachers and educators expedite the process of writing a lesson plan at absolutely no cost.

Websters Dictionaryhas an online version.

Wikipedia,the online encyclopedia, is criticised by purists, but probably has fewer mistakes than a commercial encyclopedia.

Lulu.comlets you publish and sell print-on-demand books and e-books, online music and images, custom calendars and books. Free self-publishing. For example, a book about one aspect of our local history by Rhonda Petersen,The Brontes by the Sea. Also Mike Thornton's description of 1970's Argentina,Tales from the Wilderness.




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