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Links to pages for those interested in languages, particularly Spanish

Please note that I am no longer able to find time to administer big and complex links pages like this one and the general links page, so after December 2018, I will be discontinuing these pages. The site will continue in a simplified form that requires little maintenance and with only links connected with the local history of East Yorkshire. I am grateful to those who suggested links for this page. Anyone wanting to maintain a list may copy them and use them elsewhere if that is acceptable to the linked sites themselves. Link to new site



Letter Forms

by Rafael Diez de la Cortina

This is a book written in 1899. It is about letter writing and etiquette, and is a fascinating insight into the life of the time. There is a Spanish version and an English version. It is interesting to compare them and see how the writer used the reserved and formal style of writing then in fashion in both languages.



Spanish Literature by Henry Butler Clarke, is another very old book that has maintained its relevance. Written in 1893, the chapter about Cervantes is reproduced here.


Dictionaries, Grammar References, and Language Resources has many resources for writers, including an assessment of the best free language learning resources.

The Open Colleges website has some very useful articles for writers. There are details of iPad apps for writers and some very good suggestions to improve writing skills.

Gritty Spanish Listen to music with lyrics in Spanish and English and download documents with lyrics.

The Effortless English Blog - hundreds of free resources, videos and podcasts.

LearnEnglish Kids - free online games to help children learn English the fun way.

English Grammar Basics - 30 lessons on the principles of grammar.

Inbox Translation Ltd has 3000+ glossary links, useful to people learning English, linguists or people in general when they encounter very specific jargon.

Power Thesaurus is an easy-to-follow, crowdsourced online thesaurus.

Professional Translators in Australia - Translation and translator services for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in Australia.

UK Translation Company - TranslateMedia provides translations into all the world’s major languages. A free spell checker for 30 languages, a free English dictionary and thesaurus. A free grammar and spell checker, also suitable for mobile devices.

Translation Services Toronto, Ontario, Canada Translation services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Great Translations. Our certified Canadian French translation agency helps businesses, organizations, and individuals reach and communicate with their target markets clearly and effectively. Learn a Language Offers free grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, audio files, glossaries, useful phrases and printable materials.

Comparison of language learning software Here's a review of the most popular online courses and programs to learn languages. Over 30 dictionaries, including 19 English bilingual dictionaries. Besides translations there is additional information such as synonyms, sample & context sentences, pronunciation, etc.

Spanish Help: Online Games and Lessons

The BBC Languages Page As always the BBC does really great stuff here. Videos, audio and more.

Pimsleur Approach Spanish Resources Free high quality language learning resources including downloadable lesson plans for teachers, articles, vocab lists, and grammar guides.

Pimsleur Approach French Resources

Pimsleur Approach German Resources

Pimsleur Approach Portuguese Resources

Teaching and Learning Spanish A blog that details the challenges and successes of teaching Spanish. Includes lessons, free resources and enjoyable commentary.

John Lee's language resources:
Dictionaries - Japanese Kanji Spanish German Korean Chinese(1) Chinese(2) Italian

Tutorials - Japanese Korean German Spanish Chinese Russian Italian French

Spanish vocabulary quizzes on the Jetpunk site

My Spanish Dictionary is an online dictionary and Spanish resource site.

Linguello is an online language trainer for German vocabulary building and verb conjugation.

1Globaltranslators is a professional translation agency with offices in all the major Spanish cities. This is its links page to other worldwide agencies. It is associated with these other sites, all written in Spanish:

Join blogs about language and culture here has an extensive list of language learning resources.

The same organisation will help you find affordable and serviced office space across the City and central London at London Office Space Finder.

Russian Language Resources Here is a page full of useful resources for learning Russian.

English - German translation English German translation services online, translate website online, German to English CV and user manual translation services. Visit the website to get a free quote immediately.

Translation English Spanish | German translations |

Digital dialects is a site with interactive games for acquiring vocabulary in a variety of languages.

Vocabulix is a vocabulary and conjugation trainer.
This trainer targets people who are interested in learning foreign languages, such as English, Spanish or German. Its purpose is to give people the opportunity to study foreign languages without spending large amounts of money.

Learn Spanish Online Free: The Spanish Romance web site has Spanish words, proverbs, poems and much more.

Eurocosm has a large selection of resources for learning multiple languages.

The Logos Dictionary 
This is a multilingual dictionary with an enormous vocabulary. It is provided free, and can be very useful for translators who find a difficult specialised or technical phrase.

LEO This stands for "Link everything on-line". It is a German-English dictionary.

Spanish grammar and spelling resources are on line here. offers free downloads of books in Spanish in PDF format.

Strictly Spanish is a commercial translation service. Their web site has links to many free and useful resources.

Translation In Progress is a commercial translation service that works in a multitude of languages.



Language Schools education sites and Travel

General Chinese Spanish Italian French German

General Learning and Travel Links

Language Learning Wikiis a site for learning languages online. It uses videos and sends lessons by email.

Native Monks is a website that covers over 130 languages and provides lessons to students at home by connecting them with hundreds of tutors online. Teach English in China. If you enjoy teaching and would like the adventure of teaching in China for a year.

Travelling abroad with diabetes. Diabetes affects around 3.5 million people in the UK – 1% of whom have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. However, despite a diabetes diagnosis, travelling should not be restricted. See this guide which advises people with diabetes how to travel the world without too many difficulties, as long as prior planning is considered. 

Home Tutors in DelhiTutor4us is best education platform those providing home tutors services in Gurgaon. Tutor4us had decided to put on a strategy to improve the existing teaching structure. This initiative has marked the beginning of an educational journey. Pickles Animation is one of the top Institutes for multimedia & animation training in Delhi, India. Visit our site to know more about us.

Open Colleges is an Australian online educator with courses in many subjects, including writing and communication courses.

Beverly Hills Language Classes Over 25 beginner, intermediate and advanced language classes in Los Angeles with expert university educators & textbooks at affordable prices.

Online PhD UK This site is geared towards providing free information about PhD educational programs to students of all ages

Orange County Lingual Institute We offer a full range of language classes from beginner to advanced in Spanish, French, Italian and a dozen other languages.

Maths Doctor is an education aid for maths. Its QR Worksheets are an Open Education Resource for GCSE and A level maths for teachers and pupils.

EF Education First – Live the Language with a stay abroad. EF provides top language classes in 7 languages and at 41 destinations worldwide. The world is waiting for you! What are you waiting for?

About Lima travel guide

Study languages abroad Language courses, work and travel, internship and homestay programs abroad.

South American Travel Guide Your travel guide to South America, full of tips, updated information and news, maps, photos and comments of travelllers.

Volunteer Work Abroad Becoming a volunteer in South America is an exciting and rewarding experience that will change your life. Prepare before you travel by researching each of the Latin American countries that you are interested in doing volunteer work in. Some specialise in certain types of volunteer jobs more so than others so it is important to be informed.

Learn Russian Decide whether to Learn Russian Abroad or Learn Russian Online.

Foresttrailacademy Foresttrailacademy offers online high school education that allows each student to learn with the methods that work best for them.

Crimea Listing of vacation rentals, hotels, holiday apartments and travel services in Crimea.

Russian LessonsTravel to Crimea for a Russian language learning holiday. Learn Russian and enjoy Crimea!

Study in Canada Maple Consultants offer excellent academic solution for students looking forward to higher education in Canada.

Online ESL Degree Programs - ESL courses online.

Teaching jobs in China Teach in China. English and other subjects

Language Trainers provides training courses for Spanish, Italian, German, French and English. They are organised in very many British and American towns.

Erasmus Berichte is a German web site with information for students, including language courses all over the world, and other useful stuff for travellers, including health insurance requirements and student guides to cities e.g. Barcelona.

Language Courses UK Learn a language. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Russian and Chinese courses in London, Manchester and Brighton UK, with qualified trainers.

Worlds Best Language Schools Learn Spanish, Learn French, Learn Italian, Learn German, Learn English. Language Schools located around the world that offer unique study abroad programs. Study Spanish and Surf, Learn French and French Cuisine, Learn Italian with art and fashion, Learn German and ski.

Studytravel Languages Abroad combines language study and holiday in Spain, France, England and Italy.

Chinese Language

Mandarin language programs We offer facilities to the interested students willing to learn the Mandarin Chinese language while living in Beijing and Shanghai.

Spanish Language School Links

Los Angeles Cheap Spanish Classes Take beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish classes in Los Angeles with expert educators, university text books and a flexible course schedule

Hispania, escuela de español is a popular Spanish Language School located in Valencia, Spain.

University Languages: Spanish resources listed on Open University website

Into Words Spanish courses in Argentina

Study Spanish in Peru at AMAUTA Spanish Language School: Spanish Classes and Spanish Immersion programs and volunteer work, Study Spanish now.

Spanish language school in Mexico Language school offers Spanish courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students in Mexico City, the heart of Mexico as well as cultural activities all year round.

Escuela Delengua is Spanish language and culture school in the heart of Granada. Its website offers language courses and also has a range of free Spanish language resources. It is also on Facebook.

Learn Spanish Online Learn Spanish quickly and effectively.

Spanish Sacred Valley Learn Spanish at our Spanish school in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco Peru: Spanish courses, volunteer work. Also Spanish lessons in Cusco and Manu.

Volunteer Work Latinamerica Volunteer Program Argentina. Through the Volunteer Program our school and the volunteers are able to make a contribution to Argentinian society. Work in Argentina, Spanish Argentina,

Excursions & Activities in Latin America Latin America is full of amazing adventure, fun and ancient culture. The options for amazing excursions and tours in Latin America are endless, this continent has it all.

Spanish in Mexico Learn Spanish in Mexico. Spanish language schools with excellent Spanish immersion and Spanish lessons. Spanish and volunteer opportunities.

Cusco Peru Cuzco and Peru Travel information. Find information about archeological places in Cusco and Peru, Cuzco history, excursions in Cusco, Peru photo tours and more.

Study Spanish in Bariloche Bariloche – the portal to Patagonia- is a wonderful place to take Spanish courses in Argentina. Mountains and lakes surround this small, beautiful town allowing you to combine learning Spanish in Argentina with lots of activities such as rafting, kayaking, paragliding...

Almeria Spanish School Learn Spanish in Spain, in the beautiful city of Almería.

Olé Languages is a professional Spanish school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language in an open and enjoyable atmosphere. We offer Spanish courses for all levels to competitive prices taught by highly qualified native Spanish speakers. We hope to see you soon in BARCELONA! Location: Spain/Barcelona.

Spanish school La Montaña offers a variety of Spanish courses tailored to meet your needs. Whatever your requirements are, we have a Spanish course that suits it. We do not charge a joining fee and the course notes you receive are included in the price of the Spanish course, as well as refreshments in between the Spanish classes and our after school activities. All group classes have a max. of 4 students per class.

Ateneo 21 A Spanish language school in central London. Evening Spanish Courses, private tuition and in-company training in London. The website has many free quality resources for all levels.

Internship in Valencia
Learn Spanish and gain experience in a company in Valencia with AIP.

Camino Barcelona is a Spanish School in the heart of Barcelona, in a lively and affluent street, just ten minutes walk from Plaza Cataluña and Las Ramblas. It is the only school in Barcelona which offers on-site-accommodation, with a student residence located in the same building. This is ideal for students who want to live and study in the very centre of Barcelona. There is a wide variety of courses, the most popular being the Intensive course.

Estudio Hispánico offers a wide variety of Spanish language courses, located in the very centre of each city (Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Alicante, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Cadiz, Vejer de la Frontera, Santiago de Compostela, Tarifa, Malaga, Nerja, San Sebastian, Mallorca and Marbella). Courses are available all year round, for all levels, and the teachers are native Spanish-speakers. There is also an extensive cultural programme of activities and excursions, and a wide variety of accommodation options.

Learn Spanish Learn Spanish guide, all about how to learn Spanish and how to speak Spanish.

Spanish Language SourceAn online directory of Spanish language schools in the U.S and abroad.  Some programs include private tutoring, cultural field trips and tango dancing.

Enforex Spanish Language School To ensure a productive, successful and enjoyable learning experience at our Spanish language school in Seville, we are proud to offer top-notch facilities, carefully designed course programs, unbeatable services for our students and dedicated,highly-qualified teachers.

Lingua Learn Spanish in Spain Learn Spanish abroad with Lingua. Study Spanish in Spain. Courses at language schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Granada, Salamanca and San Sebastian.

Proyecto Peru Language Centre Spanish courses with a variety of interactive and engaging language learning experiences.

Study Spanish in Spain A free directory of Spanish Language Schools located in Alicante Barcelona Canary Islands Cadiz Cordoba Granada Ibiza Madrid Majorca Murcia Salamanca San Sebastian Seville Valencia. Learn Spanish in the sun in Spain!

Learn Spanish with Apple Languages. Spanish language courses in Spain and South America. Also, Learn German in Germany, French in France and many more.

Learn Spanish with fun in Seville, Spain with Lenguaviva.

Learn Spanish in Peru with the Wiracocha Spanish Language School.

Study Spanish and Surf Learn Spanish and Surf ! Six Spanish Language Schools offering intensive Spanish language combined with surfing lessons. Learn to speak Spanish as you surf some of the best waves on the Planet! Study Spanish abroad in Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico Spain or Costa Rica and have a surfing vacation!

Italian Language School Links

Il Centro is an Italian language and culture centre based in Milan and teaches Italian as a foreign language.

Scuola Tricolore offers personalised Italian language courses and continuous fun. We offer courses for every different study objective and level.

Learn Italian in Viareggio, Italy at the Giacomo Puccini Centre, which is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Italian Courses with Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo, an Italian language school in Tuscany (Pisa and Viareggio) which is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Linguaviva Italian language schools Learn Italian in Florence, Milan, Syracuse, Lignano with Linguaviva Italian language schools. Cultural courses, vocational and internship programmes

French language School Links

French classes Hong Kong Learn French in Hong Kong.Small classes for young children.

Learn French in France and Abroad This site has a free directory of language schools situated in France, French West Indies, Canada and Tahiti. (Site in Japanese.)

German Language School Links has a free directory of German language schools in Austria and Germany. Learn German at one of the recommended German language schools in Berlin or Vienna, Munich, Linz, Cologne, Salzburg, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Karnten and other locations. (Site in Japanese.)


On-line Magazines and cultural articles

The Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in London provides many useful resources for students and teachers of Spanish, including "Acti" and "Tecla" magazines.

The Bartleby Library is a good source of English quotations.

Explore Latin American Culture with explanations of "La Quinceañera"and other folklore.



The Guide to Rosario
I spent many happy years in Argentina, 4 of them in the city of Rosario.

HernándezJosé Hernández (1834-1886) was one of Argentina's greatest writers. His epic poem, "Martin Fierro" is written in an old gaucho dialect of Spanish, but is still accessible, and gives a powerful representation of the hard life of the Argentine frontier of the 19th Century.




CortázarJulio Cortázar (1914-1984) was born in Belgium of Argentine parents, and moved to Argentina when he was four years old. He became one of the most influential writers of his time. Much of his work is surreal, and incorporates words from many languages, including Cortázar's own invented words. His 1963 novel "Rayuela" (which translates as "Hopscotch") leads the reader through all sorts of erratic links between its parts, and many see this as being like the hyperlinks we now use on web pages. In 1951, Cortázar left Argentina to live in Europe.



Book coverI wrote a short account of my stay in South America, in eBook format. It is published on There is now also a printed version of the book.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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