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Last additions - York
From the Minster Tower288 viewsLooking down from the walkway between the two halves of the steps up the Minster Central Tower.Mar 01, 2018
St Wilfred's Church278 viewsEntrance to St Wilfred's, the Catholic church near the Minster.Mar 01, 2018
St Mary's Abbey270 viewsThe ruins of St Mary's Abbey, now the site of a museum.Mar 01, 2018
Inscribed Stone272 viewsIn the Abbey Museum - stone of Roman origin. "Claudius Hieronymianus, Legate or Lieutenant of the Sixth Legion Victorious, had erected from the foundations a temple to the Holy God Serapis"Mar 01, 2018
Map of Roman Empire273 viewsOn the museum floor.Mar 01, 2018
The Multangular Tower267 viewsNear the ruins of St Mary's Abbey. The base is Roman, the rest is a later repair. Ten-sided, but one side missing to connect to the wall.Mar 01, 2018
Monk Bar Statue268 viewsAn unpleasant guardian of Monk Bar greets you as you approach along the city walls.Mar 01, 2018
Monk Bar270 viewsMonk Bar is the largest of the entrances to old York and was a self-contained fortress. with each floor capable of being defended. The portcullis, in use until 1970, is still complete. The building is now a museum.Mar 01, 2018
Micklegate Bar275 viewsMicklegate Bar was the southern entrance to the old walled city.Mar 01, 2018
Inside the Merchant Adventurers Hall285 viewsThe meeting place of an ancient merchants' guild. The roof timbers show fine craftsmanship.Mar 01, 2018
The Entrance to the Merchant Adventurers Hall286 viewsThe coat of arms and motto of the guild.Mar 01, 2018
The Merchant Adventurers Hall271 viewsOutside view of the side of the hall.Mar 01, 2018
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