Yorkshire Photos

Views from all over East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York

All Saints, North Street353 viewsDimly lit when not in use, bright sunshine through the windows of this church can give strange effects.
All Saints, Pavement331 viewsThe lantern tower of this church can be seen all over the city. It was once used to guide travellers through the surrounding Forest of Galtres. There is some modern stained glass inside, which is as well crafted as any ancient stuff.
Café in Spurrier Gate340 viewsDoes an excellent steak and mushroom pie, but gets full at weekends. Once a church, it has seen a tasteful conversion and it has not changed the original structure much.
Clifford's Tower339 viewsOnce part of the castle, the tower was the scene of a massacre of the local Jewish population in 1190. The rest of the castle became a prison and then a museum. The tower fell into disrepair after an explosion in 1684.
View from Clifford's Tower336 viewsA bit misty that day but you can still see the Minster in the distance and the lantern tower of All Saints, Pavement is clearly visible.
1680 Engraving of Clifford's Tower.331 viewsInside the tower itself are prints of several old engravings of how it used to look.
The Little Admiral343 viewsA clock on the side of St Martins Church, Coney Street.
Constantine's Statue345 viewsConstantine came to Britain with his father, the emperor Constantius, in 305. Constantius died the following year in York and Constantine was declared emperor.
The Foss348 viewsA very picturesque tributary of the Ouse.
The Ouse Encroaching the Houses349 viewsNearly every year, the Ouse bursts its banks and water enters the nearby buildings. Here it is almost there.
The Entrance to the Merchant Adventurers Hall347 viewsThe coat of arms and motto of the guild.
Inside the Merchant Adventurers Hall344 viewsThe meeting place of an ancient merchants' guild. The roof timbers show fine craftsmanship.
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