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Views from all over East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York

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RAF Helicopter Practice


The RAF rescue helicopter doing practice rescues at Flamborough Head. This work has now been given to the Bristow Group.

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Bracey Bridge


Bracey Bridge is near Burton Agnes on the A614 Bridlington to Driffield road. It is well known as a picnic spot with an excellent burger van in attendance. Every year the marsh marigolds appear in the woods, and there are many birds to be seen.

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Little Thornwick High Tide


The coves north of Thornwick Bay on Flamborough Head are usually called Little Thornwick. These photos at high tide contrast with the other set taken with the tide out.

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Little Thornwick Low Tide


This is to contrast with the adjacent album of high tide shots.

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North Landing


North Landing is one of the principal landing places on Flamborough Head, used for centuries by local fishermen, and also by the RLNI to launch lifeboats. Also used in a scene of the recent "Dad's Army" film - Toby Jones was supposed to rescue Catherine Zeta Jones from the waves here, but on the first take he dropped her back in.

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Burton Agnes


Burton Agnes village and surroundings.

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Photos of the city of Hull, including Ferens Art Gallery, The Hull and East Riding Museum, the Minster and things to see in the streets.

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Garton Church


The church at Garton-on-the-Wolds near Driffield was lavishly decorated in the 1830s by the Sykes family who owned the village as part of the Sledmere estate. The decoration has been renewed several times.

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Roseberry Topping


Roseberry Topping is a hill near Great Ayton in North Yorkshire, just over 1,000ft high. Its characteristic shape was formed by a collapse in 1912, probably due to ironstone and alum mining. The approach from the steep side, from the village of Newton-under-Roseberry is hard work. However, the walk is much easier from the parking area at the end of the road from Great Ayton Railway Station. Captain Cook's Monument can be easily accessed from the same starting point. The views are excellent. The Cleveland Way has an option to include it.

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Photos of the city of York, including views from the walls, the top of the Minster tower and Clifford's Tower. Also the Merchant Adventurers' Hall, other churches and street scenes.

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Dad's Army Film


Dad’s Army was filmed in and around Bridlington in 2014 and also at Flamborough. The film was released in 2016. Jones' Butchers, Frazer's Funeral Parlour and The Marigold Tea Rooms were recreated from the shops on High Street. The Black Lion Pub became the Royal Oak, Walmington-on-Sea, and has stayed in that form ever since. The film stars Catherine Zeta–Jones, Toby Jones, Bill Nighy and many more well-known actors.

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Little Roseberry172 viewsLooking from the gate on the track, there is Little Roseberry in front of you and the Topping in the distance.
Crows Nests245 viewsThe locals call them crows, the purists say they are rooks. There are always many nests in the woods at Bracey Bridge. Years ago, the young ones would be shot for crow pie, but it seems to have fallen in disuse.
Hull Minster171 viewsSouth side of the parish church, which is now designated a minster.
Britannia171 viewsBritannia takes time off from ruling the waves to act as a lightning conductor on the Guildhall.
Extras167 viewsLocal people were recruited as extras.
Treadmill178 viewsTreadmill for raising water from the well behind the Norman Manor House.
The Ouse Encroaching the Houses176 viewsNearly every year, the Ouse bursts its banks and water enters the nearby buildings. Here it is almost there.

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The Empress Pub187 viewsMar 11, 2018
Andrew Marvell Statue186 viewsAndrew Marvell 1621 – 1678 was a poet and satirist, colleague and friend of John Milton and MP for Hull. He had a reputation for resisting corruption.Mar 11, 2018
Maritime Museum189 viewsAbove the entrance.Mar 11, 2018
The Royal Oak214 viewsReally the Black Lion, but it has stayed in this form after the filming.Mar 08, 2018
The Marigold Tearooms211 viewsMar 08, 2018
Frazer's Funeral Parlour208 viewsMar 08, 2018
Jones' Butchers211 viewsMar 08, 2018
Cast Members Chatting208 viewsToby Jones and Bill NighyMar 08, 2018