Charlotte BrontË in Bridlington


CharlotteIn 1839, Charlotte Brontë visited the Whipps at Easton House near Bridlington with her friend Ellen Nussey. She was very impressed by the sea, and wrote much about it in later letters to friends:

"..its glories, changes, its ebb and flow, the sound of its restless waves, formed a subject for contemplation that never wearied either the eye, the ear, or the mind."

"...from what quarter the wind blows I cannot tell - but I should very much like to know how the great brewing-tub of Bridlington Bay works, and what sort of yeasty froth rises now on the waves."

Bridlington, formerly known as Bretlington or Burlington, is probably the Bretton that Charlotte described in Villette. Her sister, Anne visited nearby Scarborough, and used it as the setting for Agnes Grey. Her grave is in Scarborough.



This is all described in Rhonda Petersen's book,
"The BrontËs by the Sea"

There is a new version available - see it here